UPPSC Mains Exam Question General Studies Paper I- 2019

Short answer questions Section- A

1.Explain the role of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the integration of Princly States of India

2.Describe the role of Buddhist literature in the creation of world peace.

3. Mahatma Gandhi represents the middle path approach in Indian Politics. Give logical explanation.

4."Communal violence is instigated by religious fanatics, initiated by anti-social elements, supported by political activists, financed by vested interests." Comment.

5. Evaluate the changing status of women in India.

6. Discuss the solutions to urban problems.

7. Give an account of the minerals found in Uttar Pradesh.

8. Enumerate the core infrastructure elements for Smart City development.

9. Write a note on the Global Warming.

10. Give a geographical account of Bundelkhan agricultural region

Long answer questions -section B

11. "The spine of Indian Economy was badly injured during the 200 years of British Rule." Explain.

12. Discuss the role of Hitler in bringing about the Second World War.

13. "Revolt of 1857 was a turning point in Indian History" Analyse.

14. "Secularism as an orientation and a set of practices is indispensable to India's future as a liberal democracy." Discuss.

15. Discuss the impact of globalization on the status of women in Indian society by citing suitable examples.

16. What is globalization ? Discuss its impact on the social structure of India

17. Give an account of the primary targets of Uttar Tourism Policy

18. What is an air mass ? Describe its chief characteristics.

19. How are volcano, earthquake and tsunami related to each other ? Highlight all the possible causes forvolcanic eruptions.

20. Mention the factors responsible for the origins of ocean currents and name the currents of the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Rather then developing very rigid steel bridge over 12-13 rivers it's better to Develop it over all 20 rivers smartly with conceptual clearity

  • Shortly we will be uploading a detailed analysis for whole paper after all the exams are over so that students are not disturbed

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